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How D Media Digital Consulting

Welcome to How D Media, where digital consulting meets your business's unique needs. We specialize in elevating your company's technology, marketing, and advertising strategies to keep you ahead of the ever-evolving industry trends. Marketing help is something that we specialize in, regardless of your small or big budget size.

Why Choose How D Media?

1. Expertise From Small-Town Roots: Our team of two digital experts hails from the heart of small-town Texas, and we've leveraged our local values to provide personalized, hands-on support for you.
2. City-Savvy Digital Mastery: Over the last five years, we've immersed ourselves in city life, allowing us to understand and master digital trends. This unique blend of small-town roots and city know-how sets us apart.
3. Budget-Friendly Solutions: We believe in making growth accessible. That's why we tailor our services to your budget and offer flexible payment plans with no added interest.
4. Personalized Relationships: With How D Media, you'll experience a genuine small-town connection while benefiting from advancements of technology.
5. Marketing Help: As mentioned above, we have five plus years of experience working with every size budget. 

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How D Media is a digital consulting company in Austin, Texas. Let's get straight to the point – increasing profits is the shared goal of small businesses, large corporations, and even non-profit organizations. How is our digital consulting different than what every other company offers? Transparency is something that we believe each client is entitled to. We believe in these three ideas, which always bring a successful partnership.
1. Creating a respectful relationship with someone beyond business pushes us to maximize our efforts, because failure is not an option.
2. We will strive to know more about your business, the industry, and its customer's than you or your team.
3. Good consulting educates and teaches clients who seek out the knowledge.
We're proud owners of Overse Agency, the best WordPress Website Builder in Texas and Overse Hosting, an affordable website hosting company. With our powers combined you will see growth each month.

Your Consulting Receives Weekly Meetings or Monthly Meetings
In-Person, Phone Call, or Video Call
This ensures transparency and complete success during our partnership.

How D Media Digital Consulting Services

The digital consulting services you can get assistance with are proven to help companies grow no matter their size. From our successful experience, direct response tactics with branding techniques and the production of quality content gets the job done. However, we always customize our media plans because each company has unique needs and different size budgets.

Website Development

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City Derek
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I'm Derek Oswalt, and my co-owner is Jacob Witherspoon – two individuals who share a common origin, hailing from the charming country towns of the Lone Star State. Our paths crossed at Texas Tech University, right in the vibrant city of Lubbock, where we both earned our Bachelor's degrees in Advertising. Since our college days, we've amassed invaluable experience working at top-tier advertising agencies, media companies, and as freelancers for businesses. With How D Media, your journey towards enhanced profits and a powerful online presence begins here. Let's collaborate and take your business to new heights.